Unwinding and Relaxation During Studying

“All work and no play makes John a dull boy,” I simply love this phrase because this reminds me to have a break once in a while during my college days. Being serious and concentrated in your studies does not necessarily mean that you must devote all your time every day on stuffs that matter to your studies. Hey, everybody needs a break!

Studying one to two hours a day and allotting another 2 hours a day when doing a project is already enough especially when you have a time frame to follow. Having two hours of fun and relaxation daily is very beneficial. Unwinding is a good way to recharge yourself and you are less likely to be stressed if you are not suffocated with your studies.

Remember, moderation is the bottom line. Never overdo things. Study, relax and rest and your college studying will be worthy experience.

3 thoughts on “Unwinding and Relaxation During Studying

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