Did you know that there were already several studies and researches saying that there are some essential oils can induce your brain power? Well known aroma that is said to have beneficial effect on our brain includes lemon, cypress, and peppermint. Smelling cotton dabbed with any one of these essential oils can energize your mind and reclaim you from sleepiness.

The use of essential oils is very popular in aromatherapy. Essential oils are being used to alleviate minor ailments like dizziness, headache and other stress related illnesses. The aroma or oils aside from what I stated above that said to have beneficial effects on our mind are rosemary and eucalyptus as memory enhancer; black pepper to increase mental stamina; basil to encourage concentration; and cloves to reduce fatigue.

My favorite scent is lemon and eucalyptus. I use lemon to stay alert and eucalyptus if I have a headache. I actually find these two scents very helpful that is why I always have small bottles of eucalyptus oil and lemon oil in my pouch.

However, be sure that you do not have any allergy on them before smelling any. Remember to always use them in moderation and just put 1 or 2 drops of oil in the cotton. And if its possible, use naturally derived essential oils.