Ever wonder why we easily get tired when we are reading or studying? Why we often get neck pain and back aches when we continuously read for about 2-4 hours? Well, one big factor that might cause those inconveniences is the study table and the chair that we are using.

It is not uncommon that our study table is too low or our chair is too high if we bought them separately or we just use the ordinary stool that is available in our house. I have a study table in my bedroom but I do not like to study or read my books there because the desk is too low and it makes my neck to be strained afterwards.

What I do is to study on our dining table. The height of our dining table is just right and the upholstery of our dining chair is comfy. The back rest is quite good too that it prevents me to slouch.  When I am using our dining table to study, I am really comfortable and I do not feel sleepy or tired.

So I suggest to try studying or reading your books at the dining table and if you don’t feel any strain afterwards, perhaps, you could buy a study table and chair or if its possible, repair your existing study table with the height similar to your dining table.