Walking meditation is ideal to increased focus and awareness. It helps a person to be attentive on their encounter as they do the walking. It gives more freedom and enhances feeling good on the inner selves. Walking meditation to be effective should be done outdoor like in the sea shore, park or any open space without barriers. This makes one aware of the surroundings and increases the level of thinking because eyes are wide open.

Walking meditation is favored because it is proven that when body is in motion the level of awareness increase compared on sitting down. It can calm your mind and promote good thinking and concentration. Walking meditation gives the benefit of enhancing awareness in addition to the health benefit it does to your body.

Walking meditation can be done easily at your own time and pace. Even while walking from a grocery to your car in the parking lot can be considered as part of the meditation. It is also highly recommended when you are busy because it can be done at the most convenient time while doing some other errands.