GPA or Grade Point Average is important to all students because this is the system used to quantify or measure your overall performance as a student. This is the product or the outcome after the grades you obtained in all subject per semester or annually were converted from letters to numbers. Students with high GPA are those students who do well in majority of his course subjects. GPA is normally found at the bottom of school transcript.

GPA is one of the major considerations when you apply in scholarship and financial aids. The highest GPA that a student can get is 4 while 0 means a failed grade. The GPA required for most scholarship is 3.0 and above but there are some scholarship programs that only required a 2.5 GPA.  Maintaining a good GPA may also means retaining your scholarships for the years to come until you complete your degree.

Having a good GPA also means better employment offer in the future and your eligibility to be accepted in graduate studies later on. So to get high GPA, do well on all your subjects. And if you think that you can’t avoid failing to a particular subject, it is better to withdraw it than to fail because a “W” is not include in the total credits but bear in mind that you need repeat failed classes immediately.

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