Where And When To Use The Scanning Type Of Reading

The scanning type of reading can be very useful especially if the reading reference or material you have is a dictionary, an almanac, encyclopedia or a yearbook. This is because whenever we check this type of book we always have a keyword in mind that serve as guidelines in doing our search for the information.

Basically, this type of reading only requires movement of our eyes by scanning fast the pages where the keywords are located. Once you locate it, presto! you can go over it and get the information easily.

Another benefit of scanning technique is it allows you to minimize your reading activity which gives you more time to other important matter or activity you want to enjoy. So whenever you scan take note of how the author set the letters, numbers, words and steps. Pay attention also to italic and bold wordings as well as to font’s style, size and colour.

Doing so will save you time in finding the main ideas as well as the key words you are looking for. Remember reading is a good activity and it does not always require you to spend more time.

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