Why Extracurricular Activities & Clubs Are Important

Students who have difficulty managing their time between studies, friends and projects are often hesitant about joining college clubs and community organizations outside their academics. Well, it’s true that we need to evaluate our schedules and think before joining a group because there is a possibility that when we have too many extra-curricular activities, our academics will be badly affected.

But extracurricular activities, college organizations and joining community or civic group are somehow important in every student and any scholar knew that. Scholarship foundations consider the extra-curricular involvement of the scholarship applicants aside from their academic grades.

And not only that, when you graduate from college and you start looking for job, your resume will look better if you have extracurricular activities and organization memberships. Most new graduates do not have any work experience and the clubs you joined during college years are the next best way to prove yourself to employers.

And do you know why scholarship foundations and even employers consider these achievements? It’s because the capacity of a person can be gauge on his or her community or social involvement. Students with good grades and fair community involvement are most likely more responsible and committed. You also leave an impression that you can manage things and a good decision maker if you have those extra curricular involvements.

So if you plan to apply for college scholarships, join a few groups in your school and at least one in your community. This will increase your chance to be selected as scholar. And when you are in college, continue to do the same because these will be your asset in building your career.

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