I have mentioned the benefits of taking Omega 3 to boost your brain function and to have a healthier heart function and lower the cholesterol levels in the body. This same ingredient can also be found in fish oil supplement. My doctor asked me to take fish oil after being sick for around one and a half month. What I noticed after three days of taking the fish oil supplement is my improved alertness!

My alertness significantly improved as well as my focus. It is hard to concentrate in work after a long period of sickness but when I started taking fish oil, I am amazed that it helps me regain my focus. Now, I feel smarter and really alive! And I guess students who feel sluggish and lazy studying their lessons or focusing on their lectures should also take fish oil three times a day.

There are so many kinds of fish oil supplements that are available in the market and the brand that works for me is very affordable (Kirkland Signature Fish Oil). It only cost me less than $9 for the 400 capsules! So taking fish oil 3 times a day to improve my concentration and to have a healthy heart is not in any way hard on my pocket.